Gokuldas Hindu Girls College

Course Outcomes

Program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes for all programs offered by the Institution are stated and displayed on the website and communicated to teachers and students.


The mechanism of communication is : –

  • Decided in the Academic Committee Meetings by the head of the departments.
  • Displayed on the college notice board.
  • Intimated to the students in the weekly assembly.

Undergraduate Programs and Courses: –

  • English, Pyschology, Economics, Education, Sociology, Drawing and Painting, Home science, History, Political science, B.Ed.
  • Literatures of all the languages are very rich from different aspects. These subjects are running in our institution. Many famous writers and poets have created immortal pieces in Hindi, English, Urdu and Sanskrit. The humane aspects of the mind and the finer senses get widened in the close touch with literature for the professional, corporate, as well as government job market and for higher education also. The study of literature enhances communication skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Humanities: : –

The study of History, Political Science, Sociology, Education, and Pyschology prepare students for careers as professionals or researchers in the field of Humanities. These subjects help to get an idea of behavior of world history, political science and economy. Education helps to understand the meaning, aims, function, and role of education while psychology is a subject of self-education through which students can learn to understand and enhance overall well-being along with academic achievements.

Teacher’s education: –

  • The B.Ed. Programmed helps to prepare quality teachers for primary and secondary level teaching.