Gokuldas Hindu Girls College


One of the benefits of Alumni Associations is that it allows professionals from diverse fields to come together and share their expertise and knowledge.The Alumni Association of Gokul Das Hindu Girls' College provides a platform for the Alumnae of the college to offer networking opportunities, which can connect recent graduates with established professionals and help people pursue career changes. Enhanced interaction with the Alumnae of Gokul Das who have achieved milestones in entrepreneurship as well as in other professions helps the present students in myriad ways and also provides the opportunity to the alumnae to give back to their Alma Mater.

- Objectives of Alumni Association of Gokul Das Collge–

  • To communicate with each other and create a healthy environment
  • To create friendly chain-management among former students.
  • To arrange social and cultural programs
  • To arrange lectures of eminent scholars
  • To establish employment and professional centers for students
  • To establish employment and professional centers for students

Alumni Committee

S.No. Name Designation Mobile No.
1 Dr.Kavita Bhatnagar Convenor 9412390001
2 Dr. Anshu Sareen Co-Convenor 9412494352
3 Dr. Meenakshi Sharma Member 8958856142
4 Dr. Anuradha Singh Member 9451372347
5 Dr. Seema Gupta Member 9410828488
6 Dr. Ekta Bhatia Member 9412373748
7 Dr. Anchal Gupta Member 9410679955
8 Dr. Indu Singh Rajput Member 7599292835
9 Dr. Shaifali Agarwal Member 9411636744
10 Dr. Roopali Gupta Member 9837818109