Gokuldas Hindu Girls College

Remedial Tutorials

Education is meant not only to nurture the excellence already in a gifted person but also to uplift the not-so-gifted person in our society. Keeping this perspective and abiding by the values enshrined in our democratic principles, Gokul Das Hindu Girls College, actively indulges in the initiation and in the process of Remedial Coaching.

It is remarkable that a large number of financially weak students regularly attended our coaching classes and improved their academic skills and knowledge. Some of our faculty members used the LCD Projector to teach their topics. We also provided them with necessary and important materials for their examinations.

Year No. of Students Coordinator
2015-16 90 Dr. Shashi Singh
2016-17 100 Dr. Shashi Singh
2017-18 100 Dr. Shashi Singh
2018-19 100 Dr. Shashi Singh