Gokuldas Hindu Girls College

Student Council

Gokul Das Hindu Girls' College has an active Student Council also known as “Chhatra Kalyan Parishad” or the Students' Welfare Organization. The members of this council are elected by the students themselves through a democratically sound and viable procedure. A representative is chosen from each class to serve as a mediator between students and teachers as many of the students are too shy or hesitant to come forth with their issues and problems.

Therefore, our Students' Welfare Organization serves as a vital link that bridges the gap between the faculty members and the students' thereby fostering a culture of communication and participation in the college, all led and executed by the students. An Annual 3-Day festival is held which is organized by the students themselves. It fosters a spirit of leadership and camaraderie amongst the students.

Student Union Committee

S.No. Name Designation Mobile No.
1 Dr. Kavita Bhatnagar Convenor 9412390001
2 Dr. Anshu Sareen Co-Convenor 9412494353
3 Dr. Puneeta Sharma Member 9412142645
4 Dr. Kiran Sahu Member 9412494194
5 Dr. Vandana Pandey Member 9412475138
6 Dr. Sudesh Member 7983113719
7 Dr. Ekta Bhatia Member 9412373748
8 Dr. Anchal Gupta Member 9410679955
9 Dr. Praveen Saini Member 9012839746
10 Dr.Premlata Kashyap Member 9760844599